Interested in content marketing or already practicing it?

Then do I have a treat for you today.

I’ve compiled some of the best content marketing metrics and data to show you once and for all how powerful it really is.

Kick back and enjoy 🙂

Content marketing statistics

  1. 74.2% of businesses agree that using content marketing resulted in more high quality leads. (Source)
  2. The content marketing industry will be worth 300 billion dollars by 2019. (Source)
  3. Every day there are over two million blog posts written. (Source)
  4. 39% of content marketers in 2018 had an organized content strategy, but the number is now up to 65%. (Source)
  5. There are many different stages that a buyer can be in, and content needs to reflect that. Furthermore, only 54% of content marketers use their content to build loyalty. (Source)
  6. We all understand the importance of outreach and partnerships in business, and content marketing is no different. However, only 24% of marketers are joining together with other businesses to grow their audience. (Source)
  7. 27% of marketers take advantage of content syndication and promotion tools. (Source)
  8. 39% of a B2B marketer’s budget is dedicated towards content marketing. (Source)
  9. 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing as apart of their overall strategy. (Source)
  10. Compared to 2016, 70% of marketers anticipate that they will producing more content in 2018 and beyond. (Source)
  11. 73% of businesses that use content marketing have an individual in charge of overseeing their entire content strategy. (Source)
  12. 78% of CMO’s agree that the future of marketing involves creating custom content for audiences. (Source)
  13. 71% of consumers agree that they were turned off when content pushed sales too hard. Remember, users want content that educates and entertains them, not advertises. (Source)
  14. There has been a slight increase from 2016 to 2017 of how many buyers consumed content during the buyers journey, up to 71% from 66%. (Source)
  15. Blog articles are the most effective format of content during the awareness stage. Whitepapers tended to be the best during consideration, and case studies were optimal when customers were in the decision stage. (Source)
  16. 81% of marketers agree that video is the hardest form of content to produce. (Source)
  17. 71% of the most successful content marketers use paid channels to further advertise their content. (Source)
  18. 50% of B2B marketers say that they will increase their budget for content marketing in 2018. (Source)
  19. 66% of consumers say that content should be accessed easier, by the use of shorter forms, mobile responsive websites, and other ways. (Source)
  20. 70% marketers agreed that implementing images and other visuals into other increased performance. (Source)
  21. The average length of a blog post in 1,050 words. Use this is a benchmark for how many words to aim for when you’re producing articles yourself. (Source)
  22. The top ranked content in Google averages between 1,140 and 1,285 words. (Source)
  23. Only 18% of businesses write over 750 words for their blog posts. (Source)
  24. It takes an average of 3 hours and 16 minutes to write a blog post. How long are you writing for on average? (Source)
  25. Long form blog posts will generate up to nine times for leads than short form content. (Source)
  26. The average reader will spend 37 seconds reading an article. (Source)
  27. The average marketer that makes blogging a priority experiences 13x more ROI than those who don’t. (Source)
  28. It’s been found that 84.5% of all American companies that have over 100 employees are using content marketing. Bigger businesses are quickly realizing the power of producing content to become a thought leader and attract customers. (Source)
  29. 55% of professionals agree that storytelling is one of the best ways to get their attention. Stories are emotional and often trigger our primal desires, which makes it an excellent strategy to include in your content marketing strategy. (Source)
  30. There are many formats for content, but the most effective have been proven to be long form articles, videos, and social media posts. Producing this trifecta allows you to cover all of your bases and be present on more networks. (Source)

Final thoughts

Content marketing is over a century old and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Use the data above as inspiration for producing content moving forward. It’s going to help your company get leads, grow as an authority, and acts as a compounding business asset.

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