Content marketing

It’s no secret that content marketing is an incredible strategy for gaining authority, driving traffic, and generating leads. But, did you know that it will generate up to three times more leads than paid search?

When you write content, it’s geared towards a very specific audience. You understand their questions, pain points, and desires. This ensures that you attract the highest quality users that can convert into customers, thus it generates better leads.

Furthermore, it’s been found that small businesses with blogs get 126% more leads than those who don’t. Blogging on a regular basis will build trust with your audience, compound organic traffic, and attract natural links.

Similarly, 61% of customers have made a purchase after they read a recommendation on a blog. This makes sense, as consumers trust reviews, testimonials, and word of mouth greatly. If the suggestion comes from an authority site, the conversion rate will be even greater.

Content marketing isn’t expensive, either. It’s actually 62% cheaper than other methods, like PPC. You can get started today by producing blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcast episodes for next to nothing. Sure, you can outsource it and scale it later, but it’s possible to keep it in-house and keep costs down.

This is why 78% of chief marketing officer’s believe content marketing is the future of business. The idea is that you provide free value, build relationships, and ultimately get customers coming to you. You can’t lose doing that!

Lastly, content marketing has been shown to increase conversion rates of businesses by up to 6x. That’s nuts.

Have you started content marketing already?