Patience is one of your greatest assets as an entrepreneur.

On the flip side, it’s the reason why so many people fail in business: they simply don’t have it.

I’ve seen so many friends and colleagues drop out after months or years because they couldn’t hold on any longer.

They wanted the results now. But friends, there is no destination. You’ll never be done. You’ll never finally hit a milestone and retire.

Well, maybe some of you. However, true entrepreneurs will want to work until they kick the bucket.

It can be tough putting in months of work or more to see nothing. I’m going to tell you a few things that I believe are crucial to know as a business owner, freelance, or whatever you are.

They’ll keep you motivated, feeling great, and optimistic. Let’s get into it.

There’s no shortcut to success

You need to grasp this. So many courses and books claim you can strike it rich in 30 days, but it just won’t happen.

There’s no overnight success.

Even the guy that’s making millions who came out of nowhere was actually grinding in his basement for the last 10 years until he made it.

Put in the sweat equity and that shit will come back to you tenfold. I promise.

Did you know that the average startup takes two to three years to become profitable?

I’m talking to you, Michael. Yeah, you. You’ve been doing this for like 6 months dude, relax.

Stay present and get excited

Whenever you’re creating content, finishing client projects, or doing other tasks, stay present.

It’s easy to get sucked into what’s in front of you — but every now and then — snap out of it.

Take a deep breath, remind yourself why you’re doing the task at hand, and get EXCITED.

How much money is finishing that website going to get you? How many leads will that new book you’re writing generate? Start getting excited about what you’re doing and how it will change your life and business.

Enjoy those little wins

Did your outbound finally start paying off? Did you get your first lead through a networking event? Cherish all of those little wins.

Because at the end of the day, seldom are there BIG wins. It’s little wins that slowly add up until they manifest into something amazing.

You need to set huge goals, like being the #1 lead generation company globally, the well most known public speaker, etc. BUT, you also need to achieve smaller goals along the way to stay motivated.

What are some little wins you can achieve today or this week for your business?

It’s not the destination that counts

As I said earlier, there’s rarely going to be a time where you think “Okay, I’m done. I can finally relax now.” You’re going to have new goals, desires, and inspiration forever.

You might be happy making $50k this year, but you may yearn to make $100k in a few months. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The mistake is to not pull your true happiness out of these “destinations.”

I’m sure you will achieve them, but it’s the journey and everything you learn during it that matters the most.

Compare yourself to just a few months ago. I’m sure there are countless ways you improved, and that’s what you should focus on — the progress.

I remember years and years ago I was making squat. I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I’d be making the money I’m making now through copywriting, day trading, and affiliate marketing.

Eventually, I’ll be thinking the same thing about where I’m at now.

Practice gratefulness

Every day, I look at a list of everything that I’m grateful for. It includes family, friends, my health, doing what I love for a living, being in a safe country, and more.

It reminds of me of how great my life is and how even more incredible things are to come.

Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D, has completed many studies on gratitude. He’s found that there’s a direct relationship between being grateful and you’re overall wellbeing. It will make you both physically and mentally healthier. Don’t believe me? Just try it.

It only takes a few minutes at most.

Every day, or how often you’d like, write down:

  • What brings you the most happiness in your life
  • What you’re thankful for
  • What you’re looking forward to in life
  • Why you’re life is so great

Even if you think your life is crappy, it’s not. Gradually begin shifting your perspective to a more positive one, and you’ll begin seeing the good things around you.

As an entrepreneur, I’m certain that are things that you should be grateful for. How about making a living working for yourself? Or making money to begin with. That’s amazing in itself.

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